Modern from Colorado.

Sjotime Industries combines old-school craftsmanship with ultra-techy digital production to create modern furniture and home goods. Made in Denver, Colorado, our collections offer durable, unique furnishings, worthy of passing along to the next generation.


For Dan Sjogren, founder of Sjotime Industries, the spark started while living in Mexico and observing local woodworking traditions. His eye for design was perfected while building high-end reproduction furniture, and was influenced by his tenure in France, absorbing European design and culture. After returning to the U.S., he earned a degree in industrial design, and created architectural signage at Gensler.


But it was working with Mark McKenna in New York City that inspired him to make his leap. Working from his studio in Denver, Sjogren is driven by the idea of lasting and well-crafted objects, and has forged his own niche in the modern home furnishing world.